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  • Tuesday, May 03, 2022 8:00 AM
    Turf Valley Resort, 2700 Turf Valley Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21042

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Leadership Summit

  • Monday, June 24, 2019
  • 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Turf Valley Resort & Conference Center, Cameo Ballroom - 2700 Turf Valley Rd., Ellicott City, MD 21042


  • Includes logo on name badges, event signage, online registration and brochure, one exhibit table and four complimentary registrations.
  • Includes logo on event signage, online registration and brochure, one exhibit table and two complimentary registrations.
  • Includes one exhibit table and two complimentary registrations.
  • Includes logo on refresher table placard and one complimentary registration.

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Total Cost of Care:

Succeeding with Data Management

About the Summit

LifeSpan biosciences和Beacon研究所与马里兰州医院协会(MHA)、马里兰州国家首都家庭护理协会(MNCHA)和切萨皮克患者区域信息系统(CRISP)合作,为您带来2019年跨连续体领导力峰会. Designed to prepare you for what lies ahead in the healthcare industry, 第六届年度峰会将向您介绍最新的创新医疗服务模式, and update you on technologies being used to improve outcomes.  

As a stakeholder, 你需要成为一个积极参与国家以人为本关怀愿景的合作伙伴, clinical innovation and excellence, and improved population health. 跨统一体领导峰会将为你准备好当前正在进行的和未来的机会.

Target Audience

  • Leaders at Hospitals, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers, Assisted Living Communities, and Home Health Providers.

  • Owners, Executive Directors, Administrators, Medical Directors, Clinical Leaders, and Home Health Providers

  • Hospital Executives, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, and CIOs/CTOs


 Topic  Speaker


Registration and Breakfast with Exhibitors
 9:00am Welcome and Opening Remarks
 9:25am Keynote: Maryland's Health Care Financing Model, 2019-2028 Edition Bob Atlas, Maryland Hospital Association
 10:00am Partnerships for Whole Person Care under the Total Cost of Care Model Nicole Stallings, Maryland Hospital Association
 Break with Exhibitors
 10:45am  CRISP Services Overview: Long Term and Post Acute Care Settings

Sheena Patel, CRISP
Kelly Arthur, HQI
 11:15am  Putting Data to Use in the "Post-Acute, Serious Illness, and End of Life" Space
Catherine Hamel, Gilchrist Hospice Care, Inc.
 11:45am Using Data to Drive New Revenue and Efficiencies in Health Care Rob Kerr, Hartman Executive Advisors
 12:00pm  Lunch and Exhibits
 1:00pm Afternoon Keynote: The Maryland Primary Care Program as it Relates to Total Cost of Care Howard Haft, Maryland's Primary Care Program
 1:45pm Analytic and Data Support for the Total Cost of Care Model William Henderson, HSCRC
 2:30pm  Break with Exhibitors
 2:45pm Using Research to Drive Action Tabassum Majid, Integrace Institute
 3:15pm  Closing Remarks  
 3:30pm  Event Adjourns  

Full agenda and session descriptions coming soon!

About the Speakers

Bob Atlas, President & CEO, Maryland Hospital Association

Bob became president and CEO of the Maryland Hospital
Association (MHA) in March 2018. As hospitals’ chief advocate, 鲍勃正在领导MHA,因为该州正在加强马里兰州独特的“所有Payer模式”.“ An upcoming 10-year enhancement of that model will include other providers, from physicians to long-term care facilities, in a continued effort to improve health care quality while reining in costs.

In 2015-16, 同时担任医疗保健和生命科学咨询公司EBG Advisors的总裁, 鲍勃领导了一项努力,与马里兰州的官员,整合照顾那些谁是双重资格的医疗保险和医疗补助. 在此之前,他曾担任北卡罗来纳州卫生与公共服务部部长医疗补助改革的独立顾问.

Previous positions include executive VP & COO of Avalere Health and president of The Lewin Group.  Earlier he was vice president at Jurgovan & Blair, Inc., 支持管理医疗行业的形成和现在的医疗保险优势的增长. He began career as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service.

Atlas holds an M.B.A. 来自芝加哥大学布斯商学院的卫生管理和金融专业. 他在蒙哥马利县生活了34年,过去10年在塔尔伯特县兼职.

Cathy Hamel, President, Gilchrist

Cathy Hamel在医疗保健管理方面拥有超过20年的行政经验,从小型医生执业管理到财富500强企业发展和运营职责, including acquisition and development activities. She held executive positions at NeighborCare At Home, Severn Healthcare, Inc., Columbia Healthcare Corporation and TeamCare. 在哥伦比亚医疗保健公司(Columbia HealthCare Corporation),她参加了一个团队,为马尔科姆·鲍德里奇医疗保健质量奖(Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award for HealthCare)提交了申请和现场调查. She was directly responsible for the Information Management survey responses.

Cathy自2008年8月以来一直在Gilchrist,并开始担任该组织的首席运营官. She was promoted to Executive Director in November 2009 and President in 2015. In addition, 她被任命为GBMC Healthcare的持续护理服务副总裁, in July 2011.. 凯茜担任马里兰州临终关怀联盟的总统,在那里她帮助建立了一个全国性的儿童临终关怀服务项目, 她还在全球关怀伙伴委员会任职,在那里姑息治疗和临终关怀在国际上得到推广. She also serves on the Horizon Foundation and LifeSpan Boards. Cathy lives with her husband and three children in Marriottsville, Maryland.  Cathy was named one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women in 2018.     


威廉·亨德森是HSCRC医疗经济和数据分析的首席副主任. 威廉刚刚在CRISP完成了一年的工作,致力于医疗保险绩效调整报告和其他计划的开发. Prior to that William spent 15 years at Magellan Health in a variety of roles, 过去8年,他在麦哲伦担任分析和数据研究高级副总裁. William的职业生涯始于巴尔的摩Arthur Andersen的审计师和医疗顾问.  

Nicole Dempsey Stallings, Vice President for Policy & Data Analytics, Maryland Hospital Association

Nicole Dempsey Stallings is Vice President for Policy & Data Analytics at the Maryland Hospital Association (MHA), the trade association for Maryland’s 64 hospitals and health systems. 在这个角色中,她负责监督供应商联合战略的发展和实施,以支持马里兰州独特的医疗保险豁免的目标, which allows the state to set the rates hospitals can charge. 妮可还监督MHA的行为健康组合,并代表协会管理多个立法和监管问题.

Prior to joining MHA, 她曾担任马里兰州卫生部秘书和马里兰州卫生质量和成本委员会主任的高级政策顾问. Ms. 斯托林斯负责协调和促进合作,以改善该州的医疗保健质量和控制成本. Ms. 斯托林斯还在马里兰州健康福利交换委员会和医疗改革协调委员会任职, 由奥马利州长成立,以协调平价医疗法案的实施.  

Ms. 斯托林斯曾担任马里兰州卫生保健委员会政府关系和特别项目主任,是一名注册说客和新泽西医院协会政策主任. 尼科尔在爱德华·J·布朗大学获得公共政策硕士学位,专注于医疗保健. 罗格斯大学Bloustein学院,弗吉尼亚理工大学文学学士学位.

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